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A recent survey showed that 60% of workers leaving a job take information with them.  According to an article on employee data theft in the Washington Post, almost 80% of terminated employees who admitted to taking employer data admitted that they knew it was against company policy, or had signed a written agreement prohibiting the [...]

With massive layoffs, Wall Street bonuses, and employment contracts in the news, many people are taking a close look at their own employment contracts for the first time and focusing on new concerns and questions about job security and performance: What does the contract say about your right to continuing employment? What would justify your [...]

Courtesy of Rep. Barney Frank and the New York Times’ Dealbook: a copy of the AIG Financial Products Corporation 2008 Employee Retention Plan (aka the “AIG contract”).

I stated in the previous post that “Contracts are good.” I didn’t, however, say that contracts were sacrosanct or could never be broken (or that you can wave the word “Contract!!” like a magic wand, as if to repel the snakes from Ireland). But that is indeed the argument advanced by several media pundits as [...]

Here’s a brief update to the copyright controversy created by the text-to-speech function of the Amazon Kindle 2:  I was right. Just a few days later, Amazon changed course, announcing that it will allow authors and publishers to decide on a book-by-book basis whether or not to allow text-to-speech functionality. Apart from making nice and [...]

The Kindle 2 released by Amazon last month is thinner and faster and has access to an increasing number of book titles. So popular that it flew off the shelves last Christmas despite the economic downturn, Kindle 2 continues to revolutionize the e-book and traditional publishing industries. One of the latest features of the Kindle [...]

There’s a fascinating discussion over at the AdamsDrafting blog about we lawyers and the language we use to draft software license agreements. The article dissects the contract language which has evolved and which we routinely use in licensing software. Here are some of the questions being discussed: Is a license the entire contract, or is [...]

Here’s an Infoworld item on Ed Foster’s Gripelog about those annoying email disclaimers. Should anyone use email disclaimers? Should everyone use email disclaimers? Are they legally effective? Are they worth it? I commented on the blog entry for Ed’s readers, but the legal issues are worth exploring on here. Email disclaimers as a form of [...]

Clients often place an undue emphasis on “the dotted line” in thinking about whether a deal is done, or not done. Do you need to sign on the dotted line, to have an enforceable contract? According to Michigan courts, not necessarily. It goes without saying that a written contract signed by the parties is always [...]

Fine Print Can Shorten Your Time To Sue Maybe you’ve got a new job and you’re being asked to sign a standard employment contract. Or maybe you are an existing employee and your company is belatedly putting written agreements into place. Or, maybe you are an employer or a small company who hires workers under [...]