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A recent survey showed that 60% of workers leaving a job take information with them.  According to an article on employee data theft in the Washington Post, almost 80% of terminated employees who admitted to taking employer data admitted that they knew it was against company policy, or had signed a written agreement prohibiting the [...]

With massive layoffs, Wall Street bonuses, and employment contracts in the news, many people are taking a close look at their own employment contracts for the first time and focusing on new concerns and questions about job security and performance: What does the contract say about your right to continuing employment? What would justify your [...]

As part of the No Worker Left Behind law [PDF], Michigan has created a Green Jobs Initiative which provides statewide, regional and local resources and training opportunities in alternative energy, green building and construction and retrofitting, and sustainable business practices. If you’re unemployed or looking to re-educate and change careers, you can identify training opportunities [...]

Fine Print Can Shorten Your Time To Sue Maybe you’ve got a new job and you’re being asked to sign a standard employment contract. Or maybe you are an existing employee and your company is belatedly putting written agreements into place. Or, maybe you are an employer or a small company who hires workers under [...]